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I’ve just registered for #RegentTweet 2013! The past two years have been such a blast and I’m really looking forward to hanging out with the friends I’ve made in the past, as well as meeting more fabulous fashionistas and bloggers. The best bit is that every year I discover something new about Regent Street that keeps me coming back throughout the year.

Highlights from 2011 include the great veggie restaurant, Tibbits, and the Whole Foods Market, blue nails, an umbrella that I still carry around today, building a tent in a ridiculously fast time and winning an awesome Bose speaker system.

2012 was memorable for the cocktails & canapes at Aqua, gold nails,delicious Godiva chocolates, luxurious products from Ren, a gift voucher from Liberty and the most comfortable pair of thongs from Ugg that I’ve ever owned.

Thanks to London Geek Girl Dinners for this great opportunity. Holding thumbs I get selected to attend again this year! 

Loving the new Facebook. Whoever put this stuff together is a genius! Who needs Google+ when everything is happening right here on Facebook!

Prepare Yourselves: Facebook To Be Profoundly Changed
I have seen what Facebook is launching on Thursday, and it’s going to change the world of social media. And while I won’t talk about the mind-boggling things Facebook will be launching, I will say this: The Facebook you know and (don’t) love will be forever transformed. The news that will come out of Facebook during the next few weeks will be the biggest things to come out of the company since the launch of the Facebook Platform.

Sounds pretty exciting!

Right now, there are 22 generic top-level domains (gTLDs), many of which are specialized (i.e. .aero for the air-travel industry, .gov for U.S. government sites, .edu for educational institutions), and many more country specific TLDs that are governed by ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

On Jan 12, 2012, the application process will open up for 3 months, and anyone will be able to bid for a new gTLD of their own specification – within reason. GTLDs that contravene trademarks won’t be allowed (no .burgerking for you, unless you’re Burger King), nor will gTLDs that are confusingly similar to existing gTLDs (so if you were thinking of getting .cmo to catch all of the typo traffic it’s not going to happen).

An interesting article that considers what DotBrand will mean for SEO and reputation management. If you’ve got $185,000 to purchase a desirable gTLD that everybody wants a domain at (For example .xxx) this could be a worthwhile investment.

Coming to a Facebook near you: Miramax movie rentals


In the latest example of a Hollywood studio following its audience onto Facebook, Miramax will soon start selling and renting its movies on the leading social network—with a twist.

Though other movie studios have made the move to Facebook, Miramax is going a step further by integrating Ooyala Social, which turns Facebook into a social TV platform so you can buy and chat about movies. Miramax is the first to use Ooyala Social, which is still in beta till November 1….